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Amsterdam is a formula from Europe's city that never sleeps. Powerful yet refined, this is the bestseller in Europe's trendiest clubs. If you haven't been in Amsterdam you haven't lived yet. Also priced the lowest online here.
Customer reviews:

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Author: 30.04.2015
Evaluation:5 of 5 stars
5 of 5
This is by far the best poppers i have used, and i have tried almost all of the poppers listed on this site, but i always come back to this one, the smell is intoxicating and i get instantly horny when the smell hits my nostrils. I relax all my muscles and get some completely insane orgasms with fantasies i would never have thought of when not using it, and just about 10 minutes later i am ready for another round, usually it takes me around 30 minutes to be ready again but not with Amsterdam :). I tend to use cigarettes and dip them in the liquid and then inhale the fumes, but with this one i have to be careful since it is that powerful, so only about 1 cm of the cigarette is dipped. I can highly recommend this one if you like the Isotyl Nitrite smell.

Author: 12.08.2014
Evaluation:5 of 5 stars
5 of 5
I love it. at best in combination Iron Horse + Man Scent + Amsterdam. I get really wild and kinky. My ass gets really loose and I can take the biggest dildos and enjoy them deep inside of me. My cock stays absolutely limp with this combination and I love it. I get filled behind with big dildos and in front my cock stays soft and after a while my juice start to flow in big amounts out of my flaccid cock. Also the nipple play feels great with it. Meanwhile I learned to cum and ride on a cock without even touching my flaccid cock. I love it. I ride the cock and stay soft myself and not even my cock, but my juice starts to flow.

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