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Dark Crystal Clear Large Dildo DCC01
Manufacturer: Dark Crystal
59.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Dark Crystal Clear Large Dildo DCC01
Giant dildo with stately 33cm length. Thanks to a suction cup and 1,5kg weight this piece stands alone. Wavy veins provide additional stimulation.

The conical shaped glans begins with 40mm diameter and expands slowly to 75mm. After the glans the diameter falls off to 60mm and slowly grows up to 85mm. Not for beginners!

Weight: approx. 1470 g
Length: approx. 33,5 cm
Diameter: approx. 85 mm
Material: PVC
Color: Crystal
Customer reviews:

Average 5 of 5 Stars based on 1 reviews.

Author: 23.09.2014
Evaluation:5 of 5 stars
5 of 5
Having played with increasingly large diameter toys for some time, this baby was bought to stretch my hole beyond the 260mm circumference capacity. Firstly, it is beautifully made with a very smooth slippery finish which is excellent at holding on to lube as well as making it easy to slide in. The material has just the right mix of flexibility and firmness, and made it a very comfortable dildo to use anally. The area where the head meets the shaft is nicely sculpted so that when you pass over it there is a very pleasurable feeling indeed, unlike some toys I have used. By nature of the shape of the head and its taper, getting this beauty in place was sheer joy, but the real fun is just beginning at this point. I slid down easily until I reached the point where the effort and stretch is needed and, WOW, this toy does the business for sure. I looked down to see that my cock was dribbling pre cum like a leaking tap. Riding up and down I could feel it working nicely on my prostate. This was my first go with this toy and I was able to keep going for a lot longer than usual with it. My arse is still glowing with the sensations it gave me. I cannot wait until tomorrow when I take it for another ride, to go down that bit deeper. Hell, even if it doesn't get me beyond my current max, it is going to be great fun trying. If you are into big toys and like filling your hole with lumps of beautifully sculpted vinyl, this is worth every penny!

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