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Wildfire Down & Dirty Ass Rod Anal Trainer Kit
Manufacturer: TopcoSales
69.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Wildfire Down & Dirty Ass Rod Anal Trainer Kit
Three graduated sizes for intense anal training. From small to large rod. Heavy duty, solid SensaFirm construction endures even the roughest play. Smooth, slick shaft for easy penetration. Flat base for easy mounting. Waterproof.

Small Rod:
Length: ca. 17 cm (6.7")
Diameter: ca. 4 cm (1.6")

Medium Rod:
Length: ca.22 cm (8.7")
Diameter: ca.6 cm (2.4")

Large Rod:
ca.27 cm (10.6")
Diameter: ca.8 cm (3.1")

Material: Sensafirm PVC
Color: Black
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