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9.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Content: 10 ml
Solid Aroma

Discover the very best the world of poppers has to offer: Cannabis Solid Poppers!

These poppers are solid, meaning you cant spill them and they wont evaporate just like that. If you want to activate them, you only have to rub the stuff with your fingers: this causes the paraffin wax (with which the poppers are chemically bonded) to dissolve, leaving you with pure, strong poppers!

Speaking of wax, we could of course wax poetic about the qualities of cannabis, but were sure we dont need to - you can just order a jar of these Cannabis Poppers and find out for yourself We took the best of poppers and the best of cannabis, combined them in the most efficient way possible, and out came Cannabis Solid!

One more time Cannabis Solid Poppers are:
- very effective poppers,
which are
- conveniently packaged in an aluminium jar,
which is:
- strong enough to resist breaking,
- small enough to fit inside your pocket, and
- large enough to hold more than enoughCannabis Solid Poppers!

Ready to do yourself a solid?

Attention! Product is sensitive to heat, do not store above 8 Celsius.
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