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Content: 24 ml
Isopropyl nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

The small Quicksilver Poppers was one of the first flavours developed by the founder of the Rush US company PWD, Joe Miller, along with Rush, Hardware, Ram and Bolt, the best and most-remembered poppers ever. Already in 1979 the Quicksilver Liquid Aroma conquered clubs and saunas in the United States and was present at every gay party. Since this brand has been somewhat forgotten in recent years, the manufacturers decided to revise the active ingredient, propyl nitrite, to enhance the aroma and to bottle it in a large square 24ml glass bottle: let's introduce the brand new Poppers, Quicksilver Poppers!

The great active ingredient is pure and potent and perfect to experience the wildest things with your partner or alone as it will break down the barrier between you and get rid of your inhibitions and shyness. Poppers connoisseurs will love this new formula! Get ready to ride on the wave of lust - we are curious what you think of our latest top product.
  • immediate effects
  • combinable
  • release 2019

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