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8.90 EUR
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Content: 15 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

One of the best English formulas is now also available in our Poppers Shop in the 15ml bottle!

This Pentyl Nitrite Poppers is super potent, absolutely fresh and will take you on a horny journey to the land of relaxation. The effect is immediate, super intense and you will feel the warm arousal rising inside you with a special intensity. The English Pentyl Poppers in the 15ml large bottle offers enough power for many exciting sessions, is easy to pocket due to its medium-size and always ready when you want to go hard and to the point.

All aromas offered in our Poppers Shop are produced in Europe, the USA or Canada under the best quality conditions and are absolutely pure top products. Especially since the production of pentyl nitrite poppers like the English is particularly complex and requires the best ingredients and great expertise.

If you want to have even more of it, theEnglish Pentyl is also available in the big bottle.

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