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COLT Weighted Pumper Plug by Colt

39.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
The COLT Weighted Pumper Plug is an inflatable probe made to enhance anal pleasure with a practical hand pump and hose that are very easy to connect and to use.

Made with incredibly soft and body-safe silicone, the plug is compatible with water-based lubricant and is easily inflated. When its size fully fills you up, you can remove the detachable hose and the plug will stay inflated. Inside, the 37g weighted ball helps provide you with satisfying pleasure.

Made for incredible anal sensations, the plug might look small but you can easily pump it up and make it triple in diameter size! Perfect for beginners as well as experts in anal stimulation, the Pumper Plug will fill you up with very satisfying sensations.

After your session, clean up your toy with warm water and mild soap or sextoy cleaner.

Product details:
✓ Inflatable silicone probe
✓ With added weight for maximum pleasure
✓ Flanged base with quick release button
✓ Stays inflated when the hose is removed
✓ Body-safe, unscented, phthalate-free
✓ Compatible with water-based lubricants
✓ Easily washable

Plug length: approx. 9 cm
Insertable length: approx. 7 cm
Insertable diameter: approx. 3.3 cm
Weight: approx. 140 g
Material: silicone, ABS
Color: black

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