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FUCK ME by Funline

9.90 EUR
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Content: 15 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

If it's always been your fantasy to let a stranger or even several men take you without inhibitions, then Fuck Me Poppers is just the aroma for you.

Open a bottle and the escaping scents instantly transform you into a sex-hungry bottom just waiting to experience hard action. The Fuck Me Poppers will make you extremely relaxed and ready for wild, passionate sex with one or more partners.

Even if you prefer to masturbate at home, you will have fun with the Fuck Me Poppers and its liberating effect and experience especially intense and long climaxes.

Or you can just let the poppers speak for you in the club and show your counterpart without words what you like to do.

Product details:
✓ The name speaks for itself
✓ Show what you feel like at the moment
✓ Makes you a sex-hungry bottom
✓ Relaxes and makes you horny
✓ Longer lasting orgasms
✓ Powerful propyl formula
✓ Convenient 15 ml bottle

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Author: Jakab G.08.10.2023
Evaluation:5 of 5 stars
5 of 5

\"If it\'s always been your fantasy to let a stranger or even several men take you without inhibitions\". It is not fully bullshit, because though I consider myself as hetero, I have let this fantasy to slide into my mind during first time trying Fuck Me. Strongly recommended. This is amazing. Strong initial kick that last for a while. I combine it with Girly Power. They are equal in average. Fuck Me is stronger a bit, but somewhat stinging, while Girly Power is more ... girly and silky. When I first tried Fuck Me, though I am a hetero, it catched my breath, I felt a lightining strike from my anus to the tip of my penis and along my spine to my head, and if there had been a big black cock at least 20 cm * 5 cm, I would have gladly gave my anal virginity away. Usually I finish my DocJohnson Realistic Hung riding sessions with 4 poppers: Iron Fist Black Label + Man Scent and Fuck Me + Girly Power combined each pair in a double sniffer cap. This make my pulse rush extremely and cause some dizziness, and in the first moments after hit there is an almost orgasm feeling in my butt. My anus is like butter thrown into a 200C oven, and I desire to be pounded very hard. I am not sure, it would not be better with something wider.

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