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7.90 EUR
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Content: 10 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
N-Pentanol - CAS 71-41-0

You like hard and wild sex without cuddling and kissing, but long and enduring?

With the new scent of Warrior Sex Poppers you will become a strong sex warrior, so you can really give it to your partner. With this poppers you can block out everything around you during sex to concentrate on what's important: your desire and your horniness.

A new blend of fresh and potent pentyl nitrites is used here for the ultimate kick and pure arousal. Immediately after opening the bottle of Warrior Sex Poppers, feel the stimulating heat rising inside you. Experience how everything around you becomes unimportant and only the pure desire for sex counts.

Experience an extra long and especially intense climax, whether having sex with your partner or masturbating with your favorite toys. With the Warrior Sex Poppers, you'll be riding the wave of pleasure.

Product details:
✓ Hot new pentyl formula
✓ Made in France
✓ Safe EU compliant active ingredient
✓ Provides pure arousal
✓ Potent effect
✓ May prolong orgasm
✓ Perfectly suitable for masturbation

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