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Poppers Rubber Mask with Filter

59.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

The Poppers Rubber Gas Mask with Filter is a fantastic addition to your kinky toolset: you'll be able to experience stronger, more intense poppers sessions, especially if you're into solo masturbation, forced into or any BDSM games.

Put it on and adjust it easily with the rubber straps and buckles so the mask is comfortably in place and won't budge or leak air. Poppers Masks enable intense sessions with your poppers when you add soaked cotton pads in the filters and breathe the air in.

The big and transparent eye pieces allow full visibility at any point during your session, and the two filters allow great air compression for more intense sensations.

Get this original gas mask for your cosplay, roleplay or fetish sessions and you won't be disappointed!

Product details:
✓ Sexy rubber mask for your fetish sessions
✓ Great with poppers
✓ Comfortable rubber material
✓ Exciting design

Material: rubber, PVC, plexiglas, ABS
Color: black


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