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WetPlay - PVC Bedsheet 210x200cm Red by Shots Media

24.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

Put the fantastic bright red WetPlay Bedsheet on top of your mattress or directly on the floor and experience game-changin Wet And Messy (WAM) sessions. It's easy to set up and to clean after your long sessions of fun, don't worry about spills and stains with this new accessory as the sheet will cover any surface you want and let you enjoy all kinds of sessions!

Made with high quality and waterproof PVC, this material is very easy to clean after your session and really smooth so if you like PVC and latex-like materials, you'll be pleased! The red color is a fun and welcome change for that type of accessory.

The sheet can be used for a long time and will protect your bedding and flooring, even during the nastiest sessions. Watersports, champagne, urine, lube, semen, hot wax, all types of body fluids, nothing will go through the special and shiny PVC material.

Product details:
✓ One 210x200 cm sheet
✓ Made with waterproof PVC
✓ Super smooth material
✓ Perfect for covering the bed or the floor

Dimensions: approx. 210 x 200 cm
Material: PVC
Color: red


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