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17.90 EUR 12.90 EUR
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Content: 24 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

The Original Highrise Ultra Strong from Push Production is back and surpasses all previous Poppers in effect and strength.

The extra thin bottle can be easily pocketed and is therefore always at hand.

Who liked the old Highrise Poppers will love the new extra strong version.

Not suitable for beginners!
  • ultra strong poppers
  • immediate effects
  • for fisting
  • for cruising
  • for BDSM
  • for big Toys
  • classic formula
  • bestseller

Poppers Experiences and Sextoys Reviews

Average 5 of 5 Stars based on 3 reviews.

Author: Parro K.12.03.2021
Evaluation:5 of 5 stars
5 of 5

The scent is mild but it hits me strong. Good one.

Author: Colin p.24.01.2018
Evaluation:5 of 5 stars
5 of 5

Bought this a few days ago and just arrived today so i thought i would test it out - first thoughts, i like the bottle, its slim and easy to hold/unscrew, especially when being screwed ;-) , Second is the Scent, not overtly strong in fact its pretty weak, doesnt hit you in the face, takes a while to come on, but then it hits you, but its not hard, its very mellow yet intense... strange sensation and boy does it open you up... i couldn't get my biggest toy deep enough whilst using this, big thumbs up from me and highly recommended.

Author: benny a.25.11.2017
Evaluation:4 of 5 stars
4 of 5

I bought this poppers twice its pretty good poppers with good orange scent . the effect are very good

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