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Prostate massaging

Prostate massage is the stimulation of the prostate gland for men. This gland consists of muscle fibres, is essential for the production of semen and is also called the male P-spot in contrast to the female G-spot. When you stimulate specifically the prostate with a finger or with the help of sex toys, incredibly long and intense orgasms can be produced without even stimulating the penis itself. Advanced techniques of prostate stimulation through the use of electro-sex toys is also possible, and brands such as Mystim are specialists in such toys.

Prostate stimulation in

Many new sex toys have been developed in recent years to stimulate the prostate gland. It all started with the british company Rocks Off and their Rude Boy. All Rocks Off "Boy" massagers, once introduced, stimulate the prostate directly as well as the perineum (indirect massage between the anus and the scrotum). By applying additional pressure to your perineum, your erection is even more stimulated. All these articles have a multispeed vibration unit with 7 different programs, are waterproof and can therefore also be used in the bathtub or under the shower. Another Prostate Stimulator Bestseller at is the 7 Function Perfect Prostate Master from Push Production. Made of soft-touch silicone, with an extremely silky-smooth surface and equipped with a very powerful, removable vibration unit. 7 adjustable vibrating or pulsating programs from soft to hard and the additional waterproof perineum stimulator are a guarantee of huge orgasms! With all the prostate stimulators that have a silicone texture, we highly recommend the Premium Anal Lubricant from Push. The luscious, thick and water-based lube is incredibly smooth, does not run on your toys and does not attack the silicone material.

Prostate massage with Electric-stimulation (Prostate Milking)

To stimulate your prostate with electricity, we offer various products from Mystim. You will need one of the four stimulators (Mystim Curving Curt, Mystim Flexing Flavio, Big Bend-it or Twisting Tom) as well as a corresponding stimulation current device: Mystim Tension Lover or Mystim Pure Vibes. Depending on the setting, a slight tingling sensation, an exciting pulsation or a hard push will drive you to the ultimate orgasm. All E-Stim products have 2 channels and connection possibilities and enable you to dive into the world of electrostimulation together with your partner. We wish you a lot of fun!

Show 1 to 47 (of in total 47 products)