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Anal showers in different designs

In our category anal showers you will find toys for intimate cleaning made of different materials and designs. Before buying, you should decide whether you want to connect the anal shower to your shower hose or inject the water into your anus with a pressure ball. All items of the Push Xtreme brand offered by us at, as well as some other intimate shower heads, have a screw connection with 1/2 inch thread and fit all commercially available shower hoses in Europe. In order to obtain a perfect thread, aluminum or stainless steel is usually chosen as the material for shower heads. This can, due to its smooth and clean surface, also be easier for cleaning and insertion. In addition to the shower attachments (with or without stop valve) from Push Xtreme, you can also find showers with pressure ball in various colors, shapes and with different capacities in our Poppers Shop. These do not require a direct water connection and can therefore also be used on the toilet and elsewhere. For all our anal showers, however, they need to be cleaned after each use. Just use some Sextoys cleaner and warm water to keep them in the best condition.

Tips for using the anal shower and intimate shower heads

The most important thing here is the right temperature of the water. If it is too hot, it can burn and irritate the intestines. However, if it's too cold, your sphincter will cramp up and hurt easily. With warm water, your sphincter will relax and you will experience a pleasant and exciting anal cleansing. In our anal showers with pressure ball, the insertable attachment is screwed down and filled with lukewarm water as mentioned. For insertion into the anus, we recommend the use of silicone lubricant, especially for larger anal showers, as this remains slippery even in the water. Now pump the liquid into the bowel, keep it in there for some time and get rid of it on the toilet. At the latest after the 3 or 4 pass only clean water should leave your intestine. With our intimate shower heads, the shower head is first exchanged for an anal shower attachment, the correct temperature of the water is set and the intimate shower is inserted into the anus. Do not start with the strongest water pressure but slowly increase to the desired amount. Due to the larger amount of water, the intestine is clean after 2 minutes at the latest and due to the stronger water pressure, it can also happen with some guys that they come in the process. Just try it out.

Anal flush for better sex

Cleaning the bowels does not necessarily have to be done alone. Often, showering together with anal lavage is much more arousing than other types of foreplay. Giving each other a shower attachment with thick nubs or hard grooves can get one or the other in the mood for a little more. For planned meetings with a partner or frivolous cruising in the evening, you should already clean his bowels a little and bring up to speed. In the porn industry, by the way, it is a duty of all performers to ensure a clean bowel. Of course, there can be spontaneous sex without a long preparation time, but if you already have the opportunity to take care of yourself, why not use it. However, when using anal douches and intimate cleansing, one should not overdo it either. Too much of it can affect the intestinal flora. Conclusion: If you like it clean you should clean your intestines 1-2 times a week, always use warm water and do not use any additional shower gels.

The perfect anal douche from Push Production

All anal showers from the brand Push Production (Push Extreme Fetish), are designed to be used with your shower hose. The material used was mainly aluminum, which due to its hygienic properties is also used in the food industry as a beverage can, aluminum foil, etc.... All Push intimate showers are highly polished and have a 1/2 inch thread for connection to your shower hose. There is an optional stop valve to cut off the water supply at the touch of a button, to fit any Push Production anal shower. When it comes to size, color and shape, you'll be spoiled for choice with thin, thick, long, short, colored or grooved shower attachments.

Show 1 to 33 (of in total 33 products)