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What are Solid Poppers?

Solid Poppers are the first non-liquid flavors on the market. In principle they consist of the same ingredients as the liquid Poppers, but after years of research it has finally been possible to bind this liquid ingredient in a solid paraffin wax layer. Paraffin is waxy, odourless and non-toxic, is derived from petroleum and has been used in the candle industry for a long time. By enriching the paraffin with the ingredients of our aromas, the first Solid Poppers were created. One of the first was the Rush Solid with an impressive effect. It smells just like the Rush Liquid Incense with the small difference that it is not liquid but like a cream.

Why are Poppers now also available as Solid?

Now the advantages are obvious. Who hasn't spilled a liquid Poppers and spent the time to clean the sheets, clothes and the flat from it. Solids can't leak, can't be spilled and if the small can falls to the ground it won't break, unlike the small glass bottles. They are also easier to transport and since no liquid can evaporate they stay fresh for longer.

Application and how to use the Solid Poppers

Solid poppers are used in the same way as their liquid relatives, with the difference that the ingredient must first be activated by friction.
The application is very simple:
First open up the small tin by unscrewing it, then activate the ingredient by rubbing it circularly with your fingers or a small spatula and then use it as usual. Once you're done, screw the lid back on and store it in a place as cool as possible. This way, your aromas will stay fresh and last way longer.

Show 1 to 1 (of in total 1 products)