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Push Xtreme Leather - Seattle Erection Snap Ball Stretcher EMBS by Push Xtreme Leather

22.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
This EMBS-Ring (Erection Maker & Ball Stretcher) delivers intense sexual sensations.

The big ring goes around the base of your cock giving an instant hard-on. The wide ring wraps around your balls, pulling them away from your body. Another strap then separates your balls, leaving a thrilling stimulation.

For more pull you can add weights on the small D-Ring.

This sextoy is made of genuine leather and can be adjusted by snap buttons.

The Seattle Erection Snap Ball Stretcher from Push Production maintains and prolongs erection. You and your partner will like it.

Width Penis-Ring: ca.2 cm (0.79")
Width Testicle-Ring: ca.3,5 cm (1.38")
Width Testicle-Strap: ca.1,5 cm (0.59")

Diameter Penis-Ring:
ca.35, 45 &55 mm (1.38, 1.77 & 2.17")
Diameter Testicle-Ring: ca.27 &37 mm (1.06 & 1.46")
Diameter Testicle-Strap-Opening: ca.15, 25 &30 mm (0.59, 0.98 & 1.18")

Material: Leather
Color: Black

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