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The BDSM Workbench

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Fresh from our development workshop this prototype has arrived - a butt-plug with two vices, one for the penis and one for the testicles.

The anal plug has a length of 10cm and a diameter of 35mm.

The vice jaws for the penis are slightly curved and can be adjusted from 50 to 0mm. The distance between the penis-vice and the anal-plug can be adjusted from 18 to 23cm.

The position of the testicle vice can be shifted by 2cm. You can either clamp the scrotum left and right or only on one side.

This sex-toy is for all who want to try out new things.

Length of plug: ca.10 cm
Plug diameter: ca. 35 mm
Total workbench length: ca. 26 cm
Material: Stainless Steel

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