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Bondage Beginner Black Blowjob Hood by Bondage Beginner

12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR
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With the Bondage Open Mouth Hood, you can stay incognito and deprive yourself of seeing clearly but awakens your other sense, increasing your excitement, sensitivity and desire for hot sex.

The most important part is: you have easy access to your mouth and can even stretch the mask down to hide your nose or leave it out, it's up to you.

The shiny black hood is made of very lightweight fabric and easy to breathe and listen through, allowing just a little bit of light to filter through so as not to render you completely blind.

Whether the Bondage Open Mouth Hood is for you or your partner, you'll have a lot of fun during your BDSM or roleplay session, you'll see that submission comes naturally and you'll enjoy inhibition-free sex.

Size: one size fits all
Material: nylon
Color: black

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