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Lube Powder 500g - Just Add Water by Push Lubes

36.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

Content: 500 ml
Price per 1 litre: 73,80 EUR

Lube just the way you want it, whenever you need it and ready in just 5 minutes! With the new Lube Powder you get 500g of powder to mix yourself.

For regular lube you need two small teaspoons of Lube Powder (approx. 5g) and 750ml of lukewarm water. With just one can of our new Powder Lube, you can mix up to 75 litres of lube yourself. You can also experiment with the powder and mix thinner or really thick lube for fisting and extra large dildos. If you want your ready-mixed lube to be a little thicker, just add a spoonful of Lube Powder or add some water to make it thinner.

Preparation: Pour about 750ml of lukewarm water into a container of your choice and slowly add two small, not heaped, teaspoons of Lube Powder, stirring constantly. You can use a hand mixer or whisk, but it's not essential and you'll definitely get the lube mixture right. Now you can let the finished water-based lube sit for a while (it will make it a little more slippery), or if you can't wait any longer, you can start right away.

Perfect for long sex, masturbation, use with all kinds of sex toys, as well as fisting or kinky wrestling in the paddling pool or your bathtub. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy the slippery properties of our special lube to mix yourself.

Product details:
✓ super affordable
✓ produces 75 litres of lubricant gel
✓ water-based
✓ washable with soap and water
✓ any viscosity can be produced
✓ odourless

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