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Content: 24 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
Isopentanol - 123-51-3

Now our ultra strong Jungle Juice Poppers is also available as a Black Label version. Discover this special poppers with its pure Pentyl Nitrite formula for more intense moments and new sexual adventures. This Black Label Poppers promises not only an even stronger arousal, but also a deep relaxation that takes you into a world of sensuality. To maximize this experience, we proudly present our new long Tall bottle, the perfect complement to our unique formulas.

This large 24 ml bottle not only looks cool, but also has a free unfilled space. This space allows the active ingredients to concentrate while still in the bottle, guaranteeing an even longer, minute-long buzz. Be sure to try our Jungle Juice Ultra Strong Black Label Poppers in the new Tall bottle for a more intense experience and an even longer effect.

The new long tall bottle, perfectly combined with three unique, different formulas, offer you a particularly powerful and long-lasting effect. Try all three new Jungle Juice Ultra Strong Poppers and find your perfect blend for long sessions without inhibitions. The combination of these properties makes our product ideal for a hot evening at home, alone or with your partner.

Product details:
✓ Brand new Black Label formula
✓ A super-powerful poppers
✓ 24 ml of pure uninhibitedness
✓ Ultra pure and stabilised pentyl
✓ Powerful effects and amazing results
✓ With safety cap
✓ Tall bottle with escape chamber


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