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10.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Content: 24 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

Our Ice Mint is a very special Poppers with the refreshing scent of peppermint.

The effect is very strong, occurs immediately and conveys a very horny feeling of dilatation and serenity. The Ice Mint is especially popular for going out in clubs and discos because of its inconspicuous fragrance and your partners will also love this pleasant aroma when cruising.

Since we also count a lot of women among our customers and these, according to a recent survey, prefer pleasant fragrances, we would like to recommend this Poppers for women especially. Never before has an aroma been so stimulating, fragrant and effective at the same time. Once you've enjoyed this fragrance essence, Poppers Ice Mint will immediately become your favorite.

Currently, Ice Mint is one of the best flavours on the market and with the new tight cap, it stays fresh and long-lasting for even longer.

You can also buy it now as 5 x Ice Mint and 10 x Ice Mint Pack at an even lower price.
  • very strong PP
  • immediate effects
  • for cruising
  • for big Toys
  • combinable
  • bestseller

Poppers Experiences and Sextoys Reviews

Average 4 of 5 Stars based on 3 reviews.

Author: Parro K.12.03.2021
Evaluation:4 of 5 stars
4 of 5

I love it smells mint and it made me wild. Good one.

Author: Toni A.04.09.2015
Evaluation:5 of 5 stars
5 of 5

Smells really anything else than the ordinary poppers.. Mint! If you're new to poppers and hate the normal odour, I would suggest you try it out with this.

Author: ming t.31.01.2015
Evaluation:3 of 5 stars
3 of 5

Nice mint scent, strong poppers, but the scent faded after awhile

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