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9.90 EUR
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Content: 10 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

Nirvana Solid Poppers represent the best and latest in the area of poppers!

Solid instead of liquid, these poppers are as easy to use as they are difficult to spill. The main ingredient, which makes these poppers so strong, is chemically bonded to paraffin wax and can be easily activated by rubbing it with your fingers.

We feel that we have to warn you: Nirvana Poppers are extremely effective as well as long-lasting, so be prepared for the endless journeys of sexual pleasure that follow! The very handy and strong aluminium jar which contains Nirvana Solid, is small enough to fit in your pocket, making sure that you’re always able to bring your favourite poppers with you, wherever you go.

Recapitulating, Nirvana Solid Poppers are:

- very effective poppers,
which are
- conveniently packaged in an aluminium jar,
which is:
- strong enough to resist breaking,
- small enough to fit inside your pocket, and
- large enough to hold more than enough Nirvana Solid Poppers!

What more do you need?

Attention! Product is sensitive to heat, do not store above 8 ° Celsius.

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