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PUSH SOLID Aroma small

9.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

Content: 10 ml
Solid Aroma

Looking for new sensations and experiences? Try out Push Solid Poppers!

That's right: solid - we kid you not. These poppers have been bonded to paraffin wax through a chemical process, making sure that they only start working when you want them to. All you need to do is rub it with your fingers (since wax dissolves as it comes into contact with heat), and you're ready to have fun...

...and lots of fun you'll have, because Push Poppers not only practically last forever, but also belong to the strongest stuff you can legally get your hands on. And, let's make it even more attractive by selling Push Solid in a sturdy jar, which you can take with you anywhere you go!

Concluding, we'll say Push Solid Poppers are:

- very effective poppers,
which are
- conveniently packaged in an aluminium jar,
which is:
- strong enough to resist breaking,
- small enough to fit inside your pocket, and
- large enough to hold more than enough Push Solid Poppers!
What else could you want?

Attention! Product is sensitive to heat, do not store above 8 Celsius.

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