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Man|Cage Model 8 Silicone - black

39.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Let your partner know exactly when he is allowed to masturbate or have sex and when not.
Decide for yourself if and when you let your dick out again.

With the cage, it's absolutely impossible to have an erection.

The new ManCage Model 08 is a fantastic addition to your collection. Made of high quality silicone, it can be worn for an extended amount of time. Various ventilation openings and the hole for urinating ensure that Model 08 is absolutely hygienically harmless.

Three adjustable rings for different sizes, a length of 10.6 cm (4.17") and an internal diameter of 3.7 cm (1.46") ensure a perfect prison. Simply lock the supplied pad-lock and open it again only when YOU feel like it.
To get through metal detectors at festivals without any problems, it is best to use one of the included plastic tie-wrap locks.

Whether longterm chaste or quickly denied an orgasm - this cage offers several ways to integrate it into your BDSM-Games!

Product details:
✓ prevents erections
✓ denies orgasms
✓ can be locked
✓ hygienic silicone

Total length: approx. 10.6 cm(4.17")
Diameter: approx. 3.7 cm (1.46")
Material: silicone
Color: black

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