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12.90 EUR
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Content: 25 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4

The new Red Bullet Poppers will hit you like a bullet!

Freshly arrived from England and tested extensively by us, we found the new Red Bullet to be really good. We especially liked the long lasting effect of this Propyl Poppers. The scent is similar to other UK flavours such as Top or Bottom. The long effect comes very fast and relaxes you, which is perfect for Poppers training with big dildos and plugs. The Red Bullet also contains the new Power Pellet, which can make your Poppers even stronger by shaking them gently.

All aromas available in the UK have the active ingredient Propyl as these poppers are legally available in the UK and can be sold online and in sex shops. English bottles also have a safety cap which ensures that the active ingredient remains fresh and strong for longer.

You can't go wrong with this product and you will certainly have fun with it during your personal Poppers training.

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