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12.90 EUR
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Content: 24 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7

Rush Black Label is a unique Pentyl Nitrite Poppers with a very pleasant, strong effect. Previously mainly used inLockerroom products, this active ingredient is now increasingly found in bottles and brands of other European manufacturers. The Rush Black Label was actually produced for the English market, but is also becoming more and more popular with us, as it has an extremely long effect and is intensely relaxing.

The pentyl nitrite of the Rush Black Label is slightly yellowish and smells a bit sweetish and for Poppers lovers especially fresh and erotic. Seduce your partner too and experience intense moments of passion with the new Rush Black Label Pentyl in the large 24ml bottle.

By the way, the new rounded bottle is a bit wider, but also thinner and does not bulge your trouser pockets when you put it in.

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