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Poppers Double Booster Cap Small by XTRM

29.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Absolutely fantastic new development with two kick channels for a super strong poppers experience!

With the new Poppers Double Booster Cap by XTRM you can now enjoy two aromas at the same time and bring the enhanced effect to a new level. Simply unscrew the original cap from your poppers and screw two small 10ml vials into the Double Booster.

Due to the newly developed kick channels, the aroma from both bottles no longer mixes with each other only with the incoming air, for a more intense and powerful effect.

The Poppers Double Booster Cap fits on all small 10ml bottles as well as on our 24ml Poppers in the new rounded bottle. However, two 24ml bottles can not be screwed on at the same time!

Please note, the XTRM Caps should not be left permanently on the bottle, as they can neither prevent evaporation nor leakage of decanted bottles. Do not expose to strong heat or cold and clean only with water. Inner diameter of the booster is 18mm, bottles not included.

- for 2 aromas at the same time
- 2 kick channels for 2 aromas without mixing
- no contact with the skin
- enhanced power
- novel effect

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