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Just Suck it! - Deep Throat Spray by Push Lubes

26.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs
Content: 30 ml
Price per litre: 829,99 EUR

If you love to pleasure your partner with your mouth during loving blowjob sessions and take him as deep as possible, we have the right Deep Throat spray for your.

With our brand-new Just Suck it! - Deep Throat Spray, you can do all this and more! This oral sex spray helps you, just like in a hot porn movie, to take the biggest cocks down your throat in a relaxed way and to pleasure your partner in the best possible way with hot deep throats.

Deepthroating involves pushing your cock as deeply as possible down the throat of your partner. The resulting tightness in the throat and the simultaneous increase of saliva in your mouth lead to an extreme stimulation of the penis and to a mostly explosive orgasm. Tops and bottoms will both have a very fun time with this spray!

During deepthroat, it is important to approach it as relaxed as possible. It works best when the receiver lies on his back and slightly stretches his head backwards. A few sprays of our Just Suck it! - Deep Throat Spray into the back of the throat and after a few seconds you can feel a slight tingling effect, meaning it's working. From the first light penetration in your mouth, you will feel that the annoying gag reflex when deepthroating is now easier to control and you can concentrate on more important things while sucking.

How to use the Deep Throat Spray:
2-3 sprays into the back of your throat, after just a few seconds you can feel the tingle and are ready for action. Enhanced with pleasant mint aroma and citrus flavor, the Deep Throat Spray provides you with fragrant breath and a relaxing effect - Just Suck It!

Product details:
✓ For deep blowjobs and deepthroats
✓ Can reduce the gag reflex
✓ 2-3 sprays are enough
✓ Convenient size for many oral sex adventures
✓ Made in Germany

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