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10.90 EUR
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Content: 25 ml
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 110-46-3

The red, extra strong PWD Super Rush Poppers is now also available in the big 25ml bottle, for even more fun and passion!

Whether you use your poppers in Mallorca, Ibiza or Germany, with the new PWD Super Rush you enjoy purity and a horny relaxing effect anywhere in the world. Especially on vacation or business trips, you can always make new acquaintances with it and seduce them with this exciting scent.

It is also perfect for solo games with large sex toys such as our Extreme Dildos or large anal plugs for filling stretching games. Simply apply enough lubricant to the dildos, enjoy the hot scent of PWD Super Rush Poppers and the toys will slip into you all by themselves.

The perfect Mallorca Poppers for your vacation! Go to the island and experience the exciting, relaxing effect of the Super Rush Poppers.

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