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Galaxy Poppers Booster Cap small

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The Galaxy Poppers Booster is a brand new cap that makes your poppers even stronger and ensures that you no longer come into direct contact with the bottle.

The new cap makes it even safer to use and gives you an incredible booster effect that will take you to new galaxies of pleasure. Simply unscrew the original cap of your favourite poppers and screw on the new Galaxy Poppers Booster. It fits perfectly on the thread of all small 10 ml and all oval 24 ml bottles, such as our popular Rush Ultra Strong Poppers.

With two air intake holes on the sides, your poppers now mix even better inside the bottle with the oxygen entering and thus provide the ultimate kick and a stronger and longer effect. The Galaxy Booster is made of high-quality plastic and has a silky soft surface that gives you an extra pleasant feeling when touching it.

After use, the Galaxy Poppers Booster should be unscrewed from the bottle and cleaned with water. Then screw the original cap back onto your poppers to prevent leakage or evaporation.

Product details:
✓ High-quality plastic with a silky smooth surface
✓ Easy to use and clean
✓ No awkward handling, just unscrew!
✓ For a better, more intense experience with poppers
✓ No contact with the bottle
✓ Aroma only escapes through the tunnel

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Author: Nopparat C.29.01.2023
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Sehr schlecht Qualität, einmal benutzt und schon kaputt.

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