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12.90 EUR
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Content: 30 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
Isopentanol - CAS 123-51-3

Are you looking for a new poppers that gives you a proper kick and the same relaxing effect as before?

Then buy now the new Iron Fist Black Label Poppers in the big unbreakable aluminum bottle. Here the popular Pentyl Nitrite is improved with Isopentanol to achieve an even more intense and exciting effect. This combination has a particularly relaxing effect that will loosen your hole and make your penis twitch with pleasure.

The effect of the product is felt very quickly, so it is important to use the Iron Fist Black Label Poppers only in small quantities. Although it is very popular in the gay scene, it is now also used by heterosexual people who are looking for a general relaxation or want to improve their sexual experience.

You'll also love the new aluminum bottle with its practical shape. It's easy to put in your pocket and absolutely unbreakable should you ever drop the bottle on the floor. The new safety cap prevents leakage and evaporation of the precious liquid even after opening it several times, so you can enjoy your poppers for a longer time.

Product details:
✓ Large aluminum bottle
✓ With ultra strong pentyl nitrite and isopentanol
✓ Strong and pleasant erotic fragrance
✓ Relaxes and excites at the same time
✓ Practical pocket size
✓ Safety lock

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