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10.90 EUR
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Content: 24 ml
Isopropyl Nitrite - CAS 541-42-4
Isopropanol - CAS 67-63-0

Our new King Gold Poppers, with their royal aroma and particularly intense and powerful effect, will take your senses on a journey of complete liberation and ecstasy. This product has been specially developed for those who are looking for instant relaxation and are ready to embark on a tangy adventure with their partner or favorite toy.

Open a bottle of King Gold Poppers and let the strong propyl nitrite aroma work its magic on you. Breathe in the intense scent and enjoy the exciting warmth that spreads through your warm body. The effect is almost immediate and you will find yourself in a state of complete relaxation and pleasure. Our King Gold Poppers are enriched with a royal aroma that will beguile your senses. The unique formula of this product has been carefully composed to give you an experience you won't soon forget.

King Gold Poppers are the perfect addition to your intimate time alone or with your partner. They add an exciting spice to your relationship and create the ideal atmosphere for hot intimate moments. Let your imagination run wild and discover a new dimension of pleasure. Our King Gold Poppers are manufactured in modern facilities and undergo strict quality controls to ensure you get a product you can trust. We use only the highest quality ingredients to give you an unparalleled experience.

Product details:
✓ Royal flavor
✓ Only the best isopropyl nitrites
✓ Open and relax instantly
✓ Can increase your pleasure
✓ Will beguile your senses
✓ With a secure closure
✓ Prevents evaporation and leakage


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