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RADIKAL ULTRA STRONG big by Push Poppers

14.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

Content: 24 ml
Pentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
N-Pentanol - 71-41-0

We have made our strongest poppers even stronger!

Experience a radically strong, stimulating feeling during sex with Radikal Ultra Strong Poppers and its innovative N-Pentanol formula. The premium pentyl nitrite formula provides a warm high in your body that lets you ride the wave of pleasure. This unique product sets new standards in terms of intensity and provides an exhilarating experience that catapults your senses to unimagined heights.

Our strongest product is now equipped with the groundbreaking N-Pentanol formula. This innovation promises not only a strong, but also an extremely stimulating feeling during lovemaking and masturbation. The moment you open the bottle marks the beginning of your exciting journey. You will find that you are ready to experience the wildest things. Radikal Ultra Strong is perfect for intense solo play where you can discover and explore yourself. However, this product also unfolds its full potential in a partnership to experience explosive moments together with your partner.

Thanks to the innovative N-Pentanol formula, the effect of Radikal Ultra Strong not only remains intense, but also lasts much longer. Minutes of excitement and unrestrained passion are guaranteed. The combination of high-quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology makes Radikal Ultra Strong a must-have for anyone who wants to intensify their sensual experiences.

Product details:
✓ Brand-new bottle
✓ Fresh batch of poppers
✓ One of our strongest formulas
✓ Practical big oval format
✓ 24 ml of pure bliss
✓ Stabilised pentyl nitrite mixture
✓ Super exciting and satisfying effects
✓ Practical secure cap
✓ Reduces leaks and evaporation


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