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Get the Surprise Box containing everything you need for the perfect poppers session whether solo or with your partner! The Surprise Box is a great way to receive a lot of products for a very low price, but be assured that you get quality items sold together as a bundle.

The Surprise Box contains five random small poppers from the strong variety that are fresh and potent and will get your juices going for your masturbation session! To get your cock harder, we recommend using the included cockrings that will control your blood flow and make your erection even bigger by keeping your blood flow right where you need it the most and fill your muscles and veins with blood!

You will also receive a great poppers box to store your small bottles with ease, in the fridge or in your bedisde table, as well as lube sachets and condoms, because safe sex is the best sex!

The Surprise Box contains:
✓ 5 strong small poppers (5 x 10 ml)
✓ 1 compatible Original Booster
✓ 1 practical Poppers Box
✓ 4 cockrings in a set
✓ 10 Rush condoms
✓ 10 lube sachets


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