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Aluminium Tunnel Funnel Buttplug - Small

44.90 EUR
incl. VAT. + shipping costs

This hollow steel anal plug comes with a clear hose attached to a metal funnel. This gives you direct access to the innermost areas.

Just pour the liquid of your choice into the end of the funnel, and watch how it fills the butt. The hose detaches easily from the plug, so you can let the liquid rush out again.

All edges are carefully rounded. The anal-plug can be inserted painlessly with lube.

Outer diameter: ca.21-40 mm
Tunnel diameter: ca.16-25 mm
Insertable length: ca.9,5 cm
Plug length: ca.10 cm
Hose diameter: ca.21 mm
Hose length: ca.35 cm
Funnel diameter: ca.85 mm
Material: Aluminium


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